Salt is the Key to Deep Hydration

hydration Feb 12, 2024

The #1 invisible cause of disease and illness - And the little-known ocean-derived saviour that could add decades of healthy years to our lives. 

At 46, Ian Clark was diagnosed with a tumour, heart disease symptoms, and alarming liver numbers. Disenchanted with traditional medical approaches, he embarked on a journey to discover natural health solutions.

Read on to discover…

  • One of the most overlooked causes of illness and disease in the world.
  • Why this could be one of the highest concerns harming our health right now.
  • The #1 reason why this problem isn’t getting fixed. 
  • The undeniable missing piece of the puzzle to combat this worldwide health threat. 

The Core Truth Of Health, Wellness and Longevity.

One fundamental truth is undeniable - A healthy body cannot die. Longevity isn't just about living longer but maintaining robust health that defies aging. 

So then comes the question…why are people getting sick?

Getting to the root of the cause of illness

If we want to reveal the true cause of disease, we have to get to the root of the problem. The root of the problem lies in the activity we do the most. The activity we do the most is the thinking we do each day. The only issue with thoughts is the average person has about 60,000 a day. This makes it quite difficult to manage at the is level.

Next to thinking is the air we breathe. The average person inhales about 11,000 liters of air daily, exposing them to pollutants. There are over 1000 toxins in the air we breathe today. Most notable are the tire dust and the pollutants from crematoriums. Over time, these nano particulates accumulate in the body, leading to diseases and accelerating aging.

Our bodies are designed to cleanse us of harmful toxins. Unfortunately due to our soil being depleted of minerals, our bodies aren’t able to produce enough clean blood to solve the toxin issue. 

So then comes the question…how do we get the minerals we need to produce enough blood to cleanse from life-threatening toxins?

The saviour from the sea to the rescue!

When Ian was embarking on his journey he came across the power of sea minerals dissolved in water. Sea salt water is 98% identical to our blood plasma, making it a crucial solution for replacing the missing minerals in our food. With these minerals he was able to produce enough clean, toxin-free blood, countering the adverse effects of accumulated particulates.

Personal Transformation and Results

Ian's personal journey with sea mineral intake led to significant health improvements such as…

  • Normalised blood pressure.
  • Improved prostate health.
  • Enhanced digestive function
  • Increased mental sharpness. 

He attributes these benefits to the detoxifying power of the sea minerals.

Conclusion - Redefining Health And Longevity

It’s important that we not just believe what we are told and continue to question mainstream beliefs about health. When we focus on environmental factors, such as air quality, we can get to the root causes of health issues, not just aid their symptoms.

Ian's story is about improving life quality and health at any age. By adopting these principles, one can work towards maintaining a youthful level of health and challenging aging norms.

We hope this inspires your journey of discovery, learning, and personal growth, and redefines what it means to live a healthy, fulfilling life at any age.